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City Seal Professional Mastic Application

A company that specializes in sealant application, silicone application and Mastic application providing sealant applicators to apply sealant to glass, glazing, planar, structural glazing, bathrooms, sanitary sealant, window perimeters seals, curtain wall silicone, polysulphide joints, concrete joints, expansion joints, mastic brick joints and silicone to glass.

City Seal

Silicone pointing to glass balconys

Bathroom sealant

Bathroom Sanitary sealant

Window sealant

Window perimeter mastic pointing

Company overview

We have been successfully operating in the UK since we were established over 18 years ago. Our vast experience in silicone application / sealant work has enabled us to complete many high profile building projects including the prestigious Parliament buildings Atrium roof and facade.

Most recently, we have been involved on the ever developing Canary Wharf projects, applying high quality mastic sealant joints to some of the tallest glass structures in the UK

Recent projects

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On the Manchester Civil Justice Courts Buildings City Seal carried out Glass to glass silicone seali...
15 December '09
Sealant gun