City Seal has many Important objectives, most noticeably, the commitment to ensure that our clients feel comfortable with our working standards and practices, we offer free onsite sealant samples and professional technical advise on silicone products and safe working methods.

If you wish to contact us regarding our mastic sealant application rates, any questions you may have or for a quotation, contact details of our company can be found by clicking the contact link. You can also email us with your silicone  requirements and we will be happy to offer any advise, answer any questions or provide a quotation.
City Seal can provide all types of sealant application requirements.
For further enquiries on sealant products and mastic application services please use the contact link.



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Being official suppliers of Dow Corning and Adshead Ratcliffe we can also provide an extensive range of alternative sealant products and accessories. For any enquiries regarding our product range, please click here for our contact details

Services provided.

In addition to sealing high profile glass atriums, City Seal provides a vast range of other services that involves the application of silicone sealant. Listed below are the main types of work undertaken, further services can be provided on request.


  • Window perimeter silicone joints 
  • Bathroom sealant /Tile & Unit Sealing
  • Air test silicone jointing
  • Curtain Wall mastic pointing 
  • Structural Glazing Sealing
  • Planar Glazing System Sealing
  • Glass to Glass sealant application 
  • Rain Screen mastic Pointing 
  • Exterior Panel Cladding sealant Joints 
  • Curtain Wall silicone pointing 
  • Wet Gasket Joints 
  • Stone Panel Cladding mastic Joints 
  • Expansion Joints polysulphide or silicone
  • Blockwork joints 
  • Fire Rated Intumescent sealing 
  • Cut out and replace sealant 
  • Draught Exclusion silicone
  • Cosmetic Fillet Work 
  • Ruber Membranes 
  • General Water Tests & Leak Repairs 

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Cityseal specialises in mastic Silicone sealant application, Silicone application is our business, we have been trading for over 20 years and have worked on some of the most prestigeous projects in the UK